Content Marketing Ideas For The Coronavirus Lockdown

Best content marketing strategy ideas to help businesses

  • Grab the benefits form free help and support: The UK government has unveiled the package of financial support for businesses. Free help is one best content marketing activity during this challenging period. Now Facebook has offered the business to reach for promoting the content of any social media platform. The company provided $100 million in grants and ad credits to small businesses. If you are planning to begin webinars or promoting online training sessions during the lockdown period, Google announced that it unlock premium features on the Hangout meeting.
  • Identify logical connections to trending topics: Focus on the content that is related to coronavirus. Also, plan for other topics that are trending right now. Agile brands are creating content to meet the stalks in demand always have an excellent chance to connect with a new audience and create a robust and long-lasting relationship.
  • Showcase your audience that you are open for business: Try to showcase your audience that you are ready to work on the projects. For this, you need to showcase your content that adds value to your businesses and share that content on social media and emails during this crisis period. This is one best way to show your customers that are still there.
  • Experiment on new formates to replace events: Due to this pandemic situation, the events are canceled. Now the businesses are planning for live-streaming or webinars. Webinars have lots of benefits like the ability to run email drips to attendees. There is a vast difference between video or webinar content which is a big challenge as more and more brands do it. Make the custom footage with animations rather than just talking over slides.
  • Reoptimise the content that already written: If you are worried about your new content, then invest some time and effort in improving the content that you already have written. Plan for reoptimization of blogs and landing pages that rank in search engines. But not in the positions that drive traffic to your site, which is one best way to show your content marketing ROI. Coronavirus lockdown is the ideal time to re-optimize your content. This will make sure that your content ranks for keywords that only matters.



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